Private Label Products


The Selection brand offers more than 3,000 products that are comparable to, but cost less than, national brands. These products span across many categories, and are developed based on eating habits and consumer needs. Many of our products are available in low-sodium or low-fat versions, or are trans fat-free or certified peanut-free. We also offer health and beauty products, and have developed a line of eco-friendly products called
Selection Eco.



The Irresistible brand is synonymous with high quality and exclusive products in tune with market trends. Special care is given to the ingredients and flavours. Our hard work is already paying off: the line of Irresistibles fat-free sorbets was honoured at the 2009 Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards sponsored by the CCGD, as were our homemade breads in 2008. There are unique line-ups under Irresistibles brand: Irresistibles Life Smart, Irresistibles Market Fresh, Irresistibles Organic, and Irresistibles Gluten Free.