Cream cleaner with bleach
3.99 CAD
3.49 CAD 2024-06-05T23:59:59-04:00 With Vim® Cream with Bleach, you don’t need to worry. Its powerful yet gentle micro-particles remove a whole range of stains and spills and removes tough dirt! This cream cleaning product is both multi-purpose and multi-surface cleaning and is a household multi-tasker. Cleans the tough stuff easily. It is formulated with 100% naturally derived cleansing agents and comes in a 50% post-consumer recycled bottle. A versatile cleaner that can help make things look new again. It is tough on dirt, tough on grease, removes watermarks on stainless steel, ceramic, enamel, and plastic - a great cleaner for every room. Vim 067238212308
Vim Cream cleaner with bleach 500 mL

Cream cleaner with bleach

500 mL
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Vim Cream cleaner with bleach 500 mL

Cream cleaner with bleach