Extra Hold Hair Spray
6.99 CAD
https://product-images.metro.ca/images/h25/h07/11538253807646.jpg You can’t always control what the day throws at you. But, you can control your hair with the TRESemmé® TRES Two® line of salon-quality hair styling products. With this line, Tresemme has released its most effective and affordable products to help you achieve and keep your style. From hair spray with extra hold to shampoo built for all-day body, the Tresemme TRES Two® line has your hair day covered. The Tresemme TRES Two® professional hair products line offers Canada’s #1 hair spray for women, TRESemmé® TRES Two® Extra Hold Hair Spray. This ultra-usable Tresemme hair spray can hold your style and help you control your hair all day long with 24 hour humidity resistance, built to defend your ‘do against flyaways and frizz. Its water-free formula gives your hair the perfect hold without all the stickiness and flakiness. The TRES Two® Extra Hold Hair Spray will hold your hair and give it the beautiful body and fullness you need to feel yourself. How To Use: Wash and condition hair using Tresemme shampoo and conditioner. Afterwards, spray section by section approximately 25-3 cm away from your hair. Layer more spray where you want more control for a stronger hold in the areas that count the most. Or, for ultimate body, flip hair upside down and spray TRESemmé® hair spray all over. TRESemmé 055451787109
TRES Two Extra Hold Hair Spray 311 g

Extra Hold Hair Spray, TRES Two

311 g
$6.99  ea.
$2.25 /100g
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TRES Two Extra Hold Hair Spray 311 g

Extra Hold Hair Spray, TRES Two