Cocoa Radiant® Moisturizing Lotion
8.49 CAD Deeply moisturized, glowing skin is now easily achievable with Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion. Made with cocoa butter, a special blend of healing micro-droplets of petroleum jelly, and humectants, the rich and fragrant formula penetrates skin’s surface layers to moisturize and heal dry skin, helping to reveal its natural glow. Apply our cocoa butter lotion to invigorate your dry, dull skin and enjoy long-lasting moisture. Our signature micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly also help to strengthen your skin’s natural moisture barrier for beautiful, well-moisturized skin. With such a powerful combination of nourishing ingredients, our body lotion helps restore soft, smooth, and naturally glowing skin. Infused with cocoa butter and a luxurious cocoa fragrance, our Cocoa Radiant lotion also provides a truly sensual, pampering experience for you to appreciate daily. Vaseline body lotions are fast-absorbing, light, non-greasy, and glide easily so you can feel comfortable throughout the day. To deal with dry, itchy skin you need products that will deeply moisturize to help it heal fast. We know this because we are one of the original skin experts. Founded in 1870, Vaseline products have been safely helping dry skin heal for over 140 years. With a careful combination of moisturizing ingredients, Vaseline Intensive Care lotions offer fast relief for dry, itchy skin by penetrating deep down the skin to form a protective layer on its surface and effectively lock in moisture. Vaseline 065656917126
Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant® Moisturizing Lotion 600 mL

Cocoa Radiant® Moisturizing Lotion, Intensive Care

600 mL
$8.49  ea.
$1.42 /100ml
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Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant® Moisturizing Lotion 600 mL

Cocoa Radiant® Moisturizing Lotion, Intensive Care