Baby Spinach
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2.98 CAD 2024-07-24T23:59:59-04:00 There is a reason why Popeye became stronger when he ate spinach. This green leafy vegetable is full of benefits and is simply good for you! Rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, it is also an excellent remedy against anemia. Spinach can be eaten raw in a nice salad or cooked, but also as a pasta! In a food processor, blend 200g of spinach and 300g of flour. Since spinach has a lot of water, it will make a nice dough. Make linguine or roll small pieces of dough in your hands so they look like a green bean. Now you have homemade spinach pasta! Fresh Attitude's baby spinach are prewashed and must be kept refrigerated. It is a product from the USA. Fresh Attitude 888048000042
Fresh Attitude Baby Spinach 142 g
Fresh Attitude

Baby Spinach

142 g
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Fresh Attitude Baby Spinach 142 g

Baby Spinach