Bag of Avocados
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4.98 CAD 2024-05-29T23:59:59-04:00 The avocado is a fruit sought for its good taste and its versatility. It can be eaten in a thousand ways! However, it has the bad reputation of containing a lot of calories and fat. If consumed in moderation, these fatty acids are excellent for your health since they are "good fats". Rich in fibre, avocados also help us stay fuller longer. Avoid a fruit that is too soft or has dented skin. They are probably overripe. We all know the famous guacamole. This avocado puree is always popular in the summer. Here, we suggest a new way to prepare it! The dessert guacamole: add equal parts of banana and pineapple to your avocado puree and mix them together with a little honey. Cut up some fruit for chips and you are done! Kids will love it. 333834015910
Hass Bag of Avocados 6 pieces

Bag of Avocados, Hass

6 pieces
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Hass Bag of Avocados 6 pieces

Bag of Avocados, Hass