Frozen Breakfast Sausages
7.49 CAD Schneiders Mini-Sizzlers Breakfast Sausages are the perfect complement to any hearty breakfast. Made in the traditional English style, these “bangers” feature a finely-ground all-pork filling stuffed into a light casing to keep the juices nestled inside. The 8-spice blend serves up a delicate richness, mild yet flavourful and just right for the morning. Preparation is easy: simply heat up the frozen breakfast sausages alongside your eggs in a frying pan until they are browned. Schneiders 062000869179
Mini-Sizzlers Frozen Breakfast Sausages 375 g

Frozen Breakfast Sausages, Mini-Sizzlers

375 g
$7.49  ea.
$2.00 /100g
Alcoholic products are available for pickup between 7am and 11pm.



Source of Calcium

Source of Iron

Mini-Sizzlers Frozen Breakfast Sausages 375 g

Frozen Breakfast Sausages, Mini-Sizzlers