Traditional Pizza Sauce
4.49 CAD Centuries ago in Naples, baked flatbread with topings was first called “pizza”. Its sauce was crafted from simple ingredients like ripened tomatoes, olive oil, and garlic. Here, these same ingredients are combined with a variety of spices to form a timeless classic. Gluten-free with no preservatives, Classico Traditional Pizza Sauce is the magic ingredient that will complete your homemade pizza. The finest ingredients are used, including vine-ripened tomatoes, aromatic cheese, and olive oil, and the best herbs and spices are selected to complement each distinct flavour. These ingredients are combined using time-honoured recipes to create a just-like-homemade taste that you have come to enjoy and expect from Classico. It's as if you made it yourself. Classico 057000001032
Di Napoli Traditional Pizza Sauce 410 mL

Traditional Pizza Sauce, Di Napoli

410 mL
$4.49  ea.
$1.10 /100ml
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Di Napoli Traditional Pizza Sauce 410 mL

Traditional Pizza Sauce, Di Napoli