2% Milk
6.69 CAD
https://product-images.metro.ca/images/hd1/hae/10255670411294.jpg Natrel Fine-Filtered partly skimmed 2% milk with added vitamins A and D is finely filtered to remove all the bacteria so you can enjoy and taste a milk that is pure. Without antibiotics or growth hormones, Natrel is proud to offer milk that comes from a dairy cooperative owned by Canadian dairy farmers. Now in its new fresh-seal packaging, the taste of milk stays fresher longer, naturally. Best known for its role in keeping bones healthy, vitamin D will help your body better absorb calcium. Natrel 064420010148
Fine-Filtered 2% Milk 4 L

2% Milk, Fine-Filtered

4 L
$6.69  ea.
$0.17 /100ml
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Good Source of Calcium

Fine-Filtered 2% Milk 4 L

2% Milk, Fine-Filtered