Grape Beverage
2.19 CAD
1.99 CAD 2024-08-21T23:59:59-04:00 Fruité Grape Beverage is a delicious way to tempt your taste buds when you're craving a tasty refreshment with a bold, unmistakable flavour. Each glass of this drink is bursting with Fruité iconic grape flavours sure to please children and adults alike, making it a perfect addition to your meals. Available in a 2L size that offers 8 servings of 90 calories each, this grape drink is a convenient option for your daily enjoyment or for sharing with family and friends. Fruité 067311330028
Fruité Grape Beverage 2 L

Grape Beverage

2 L
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$0.10 /100ml
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Fruité Grape Beverage 2 L

Grape Beverage