1. Customer service

1.1 Who is Food Basics?

Food Basics is the discount banner of Metro Ontario Inc. and operates over 125 stores across Ontario. Since 1995, Food Basics continues to save our Customers money on all their grocery needs and where our Customers receive “always more for less”.

Our community-based corporate stores offer competitive prices on a variety of top national brand products, international foods as well as our own high quality products- Selection and Irresistibles, in an easy to shop layout.

1.2 What forms of payment does Food Basics accept?

Our payment options are cash, debit or Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards and Visa, MasterCard and American Express prepaid bank gift cards.

We accept Metro-Food Basics gift cards, Metro gift cards, A&P gift cards, Visa gift cards, Metro gift certificates, Food Basics gift certificates.*

We do not accept AIR MILES Reward Certificates at Food Basics Stores - only at Metro Stores in Ontario.

1.4 Does Food Basics sell Gift Cards?

Yes. Gift Cards make the simplest gift shopping ever! Food Basics sells Metro-Food Basics Gift Cards in denominations of $20, $50 and $100. Larger amounts can be purchased by speaking to the Store Manager. Metro-Food Basics Gift Cards can be used in all of our Food Basics and Metro Stores.

Also, you can choose from a large variety of other Retailer Gift Cards in various denominations. These are easy to give and easy to use with no returning of unwanted items.

All gift card sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be provided.

See the store for details, and the backer card attached to each gift card, as terms and conditions apply.

1.5 Do you offer on-line shopping or a delivery service?

We currently do not offer online shopping or delivery service. However we have over 115 Food Basics stores in Ontario to serve you. Please visit our Store Locator to find a store near you.

1.6 Why did a particular product get discontinued?

Our stores carry thousands of items. Different stores carry different products based on customer buying trends and available shelf space at the store. Slow-moving and low-demand products are discontinued and are replaced with new products such as gluten-free lines and international products.

If you are looking for a specific product, we require the UPC which is the 12-digit bar code on the product or please speak to your local Food Basics Store Manager.

1.7 Can I buy your Irresistibles or Selection products for export?

Our products are exclusive to our stores and we do not sell wholesale for export.

1.8 Is there a quantity limit when purchasing one particular item?

Answer is the same copy as the disclaimer on the side for the flyer: WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT PURCHASES TO REASONABLE REQUIREMENTS. SOME LIMITS APPLY.

2. Donations and Sponsorships

2.1 What is your Donations and Sponsorship Policy?

Metro’s Stores have always been strong supporters of their communities through our employee donation program – The Metro Full Plate Program. The Metro Full Plate Program supports four food-related charities: Breakfast Clubs of Canada, Ontario Association of Food Banks, Second Harvest and United Way. Therefore, we cannot accommodate all requests for donations at the corporate level or to sponsor sports teams or other projects of this nature.

All local community donation requests should be directed in writing to your Local Store Manager who will review the request and decide on any appropriate support.

3. Privacy and Security

3.1 What is your Privacy Policy?

Please click here to view our Privacy Policy

4. Food Basics Store Location? Employment - Store Positions?

4.1 When is Food Basics going to open a store in my town?

We continually evaluate where to build new stores and where to expand. Your suggestions for a new location will be kept for future consideration.

4.2 I am interested in applying for a position with one of your stores. How can I do this?

Our individual stores conduct their own hiring. You cannot apply on-line for a position at Food Basics. Please take a copy of your resume to your local store and speak with the Store Manager or Bookkeeper about available store positions.
Applications are also available at the Store.

You can obtain a printable application by visiting our website at www.metro.ca - Select - Ontario, Top of screen -select Corporate Site, Left Side - select Careers, Select Retail Stores, Click into Print the application form to print the application form. The application titled "Metro Ontario Inc." is for Food Basics stores.

5. Weekly Flyer

5.1 How do I subscribe to your eFLYER Weekly Specials?

Simply sign up by clicking into our Subscribe to e-Flyer tab or on the button available in our Flyer page.

5.2 Once I subscribe, is it easy to unsubscribe to the eFLYER if I need to?

Absolutely. You will have the option to unsubscribe with each email notification we send to you or use the Subscribe feature on our home page.