Cool Coton Scented Rinse Agent
14.99 CAD
13.99 CAD 2024-07-03T23:59:59-04:00 Tired of stubborn odors that never seem to wash out of your clothes? Introducing Downy Rinse & Refresh Cool Cotton Scented Rinse Agent, a laundry odor remover that helps rinse away the smelly residue trapped within fabric fibers. While traditional liquid fabric softener can deposit residues on fabrics trapping odors in, Downy Rinse & Refresh acts as a laundry detergent booster to help remove residues and odors. This leaves fabrics fresher, softer, and brighter than before. No more reappearing odors. Downy Rinse & Refresh, leaves behind the light, refreshing scent of Cool Cotton. Smelly activewear, musty towels, even forgotten laundry in your washing machine overnight, Downy Rinse & Refresh detergent booster strips odors away without the use of vinegar or other homemade laundry hacks. And because it’s free of dyes and heavy perfumes, this odor remover is gentle on sensitive skin and perfect for baby clothes, too. Plus, it’s easy to use! Just pour it into your liquid fabric softener dispenser or directly into the rinse cycle. Downy 030772049723
Downy Cool Coton Scented Rinse Agent 1.43 L

Cool Coton Scented Rinse Agent

1.43 L
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Downy Cool Coton Scented Rinse Agent 1.43 L

Cool Coton Scented Rinse Agent