Drain Cleaner
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https://product-images.metro.ca/images/h3b/he0/12726176874526.jpg Drano Kitchen Granules Drain Cleaner is the only product specifically designed for kitchen clogs. It has a powerful formula that heats water to quickly melt grease clogs in your kitchen sink. It’s designed to destroy your tough, greasy kitchen clogs. Simply pour it into the drain, follow with hot water and wait 15 minutes. Safe to use on all pipes and plumbing fixtures. NOTE: If your kitchen sink has a garbage disposal, do not use Drano Kitchen Granules. Drano 059200005889
Kitchen Granules Drain Cleaner 500 g

Drain Cleaner, Kitchen Granules

500 g
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Kitchen Granules Drain Cleaner 500 g

Drain Cleaner, Kitchen Granules