Apollo® Deodorant Stick
6.79 CAD
https://product-images.metro.ca/images/h04/h1b/11857599201310.jpg You're on the go. There's no time to worry about sweat and odour. Enjoy all-day protection against sweat and odour with AXE Apollo men's deodorant. Complement your cool, fresh look with a classic masculine scent of crisp green fruit, sandalwood and sage. Be ready for adventure while feeling sophisticated and confident. Our signature line of masculine scents makes this men's deodorant a cut above. If you want to have a long lasting fresh feeling at game time, at school or during sport activity, use AXE Apollo to protect against sweat and odour while smelling fresh and clean. Goes on super smooth and has a long lasting, fresh, clean scent. For all-day freshness, just apply a few strokes after a shower, wait one minute and get into action. AXE deodorant is best used with a variety of other tantalizing AXE products, such as AXE men's fragrances, body wash and other men's deodorant and hair products. Try them together for long-lasting sweat and odour protection with a lingering irresistible scent. Get up close and personal with confidence or make a lasting first impression when you walk in the room with AXE products. AXE is best combined with other Axe Apollo products. AXE 079400264619
Fresh Apollo® Deodorant Stick 85 g

Apollo® Deodorant Stick, Fresh

85 g
$6.79  ea.
$7.99 /100g
Alcoholic products are available for pickup between 7am and 11pm.
Fresh Apollo® Deodorant Stick 85 g

Apollo® Deodorant Stick, Fresh