Anarchy® Antiperspirant Stick
6.79 CAD You leave home looking sharp – polished shoes, perfect hair. You look good. Because you’ve got something different. A hook. A twist. A signature scent that’s so subtle it’s almost subliminal. Axe® Anarchy® Antiperspirant Stick for Men has a rich, refreshing scent – made with sweet sandalwood and white amber notes. The finest ingredients in a men’s antiperspirant stick in a rare combination that exudes sophistication and stands out from the rest. To catch attention and arouse curiosity. Axe Anarchy Antiperspirant Stick for Men goes on smoothly for all day odor and wetness protection. Just a few quick swipes in the morning and you’re feeling fresh and dry all day. Keeps your style in check so you can focus on looking good and turning heads. To fully refine your style, get showered with Axe Anarchy Body Wash for Men. Then sharpen up your look with your favourite Axe Hair Styling products and boost your scent with Axe Anarchy Body Spray. Find Your Magic with Axe Grooming For Men. AXE 079400197900
Dry Anarchy® Antiperspirant Stick 76 g

Anarchy® Antiperspirant Stick, Dry

76 g
$6.79  ea.
$8.93 /100g
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Dry Anarchy® Antiperspirant Stick 76 g

Anarchy® Antiperspirant Stick, Dry