Extra Long Liners
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https://product-images.metro.ca/images/h3a/hcb/11771870445598.jpg Looking for all-day freshness no matter how you move? Always Anti-Bunch Xtra Protection Extra Long Liners are designed to give you reliable protection with Anti-Bunch Technology. These pantiliners are 5X drier than Always Thin and feature a dual layer design to quickly absorb and lock away leaks to keep you feeling clean for up to 10 hours. Plus, the Edge-2-Edge adhesive helps hold the liner in place. Get daily protection with Anti-Bunch Technology, so you feel fresh and clean, every day. Always 037000171102
Anti-Bunch Extra Long Liners 68 un

Extra Long Liners, Anti-Bunch

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Anti-Bunch Extra Long Liners 68 un

Extra Long Liners, Anti-Bunch