Original Deodorant Soap Bars
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https://product-images.metro.ca/images/h6a/h98/10913268105246.jpg Smell like you came from a nice-smelling place with Irish Spring Bar Soap. The Irish Spring bar soap carton might have a new design, but it’s still the same great bar soap you love to smell. Count on Irish Spring Original Clean Deodorant Bar Soap to leave your skin feeling clean — our Original bar soap for men is made with a 98% naturally derived formula that keeps you fresh for 12 hours. Plus, this men’s bar soap is mild for skin and paraben, phthalate and gluten free. This bar soap also has flaxseed oil. Feel good while washing your body with Irish Spring and use Irish Spring Original Clean Bar Soap as a hand soap, too — this bar soap has a sudsy lather that washes away bacteria. Get as fresh as the great outdoors and add some adventure to your everyday with Irish Spring’s whole line of body washes and bar soaps for men. Our packaging refresh is all part of our master plan to bring the amazing places you love to smell straight to your bathroom. Never go without smelling your best. Keep some in your bathroom, in the pantry, give some to your friends and keep the good smells going. Feel clean, smell serene with the new Irish Spring. Irish Spring 035000141095
Irish Spring Original Deodorant Soap Bars 6x104.8 g
Irish Spring

Original Deodorant Soap Bars

6x104.8 g
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Irish Spring Original Deodorant Soap Bars 6x104.8 g

Original Deodorant Soap Bars