Fixed Disposable Razor
15.99 CAD Welcome to the Gillette Sensor2 family! Looking for a simple yet reliable razor? Gillette has something for you. Gillette Sensor2 provides a comfortable shave for everyone. A great shave is within your grasp with Gillette Sensor2 Men's Disposable Razors with a fixed, non-pivoting razor head and Lubrastrip for glide. All Sensor2 disposable razors have twin blades that deliver a close, comfortable shave and are coated with chromium to make them last longer, so you don’t have to reach for a new one every time you shave. When it comes to blades, two is simply better than one. Gillette’s Sensor2 has twin blades that provide you with a close, comfortable shave and let you use the razor that much longer. Also, the Gillette Sensor2 disposable razors don’t require any refills; just use and replace when you’re ready for a new one. This Gillette Sensor2 razor pack features 10 fixed head razors with a water-activated Lubrastrip that makes the blades glide smoothly across your skin. This is all to turn shaving into a simple, comfortable experience. Sensor2 is a simple way to get a great shave! Gillette 047400313446
Sensor2 Fixed Disposable Razor 18 un

Fixed Disposable Razor, Sensor2

18 un
$15.99  ea.
$0.89 /un.
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Sensor2 Fixed Disposable Razor 18 un

Fixed Disposable Razor, Sensor2