Vanilla Frozen Dessert
7.49 CAD
5.49 CAD 2024-05-15T23:59:59-04:00 Cookie lovers everywhere rejoice! Introducing, an astonishing frozen dessert experience full of cookie decadence. Oreo Frozen Dessert (1.5 L) is a sensational mix of vanilla frozen deliciousness loaded with real Oreo cookie pieces. Now you can enjoy these cookies in this exciting frozen twist that treats your taste-buds in each scoop. Made with dairy from Canadian cows, this irresistible frozen treat is the ultimate cookies and cream experience. Oreo 055000403603
Oreo Vanilla Frozen Dessert 1.5 L

Vanilla Frozen Dessert

1.5 L
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Oreo Vanilla Frozen Dessert 1.5 L

Vanilla Frozen Dessert