Frozen Dessert Bars
7.49 CAD
4.99 CAD 2024-05-29T23:59:59-04:00 Oreo Frozen Dessert Bars 5-Pack (5 x 72 ml) are an irresistible frozen treat perfect for cookie lovers everywhere. Each bar is loaded with real chunks of your classic Oreo cookie packed in creamy, frozen vanilla and covered in irresistible chocolatey goodness. Made in Canada with dairy from Canadian cows, this irresistible frozen dessert bar is the ultimate grab’n’go treat that’ll become a family favourite. Oreo 055000382458
Oreo Frozen Dessert Bars 5x80 mL

Frozen Dessert Bars

5x80 mL
$4.99  ea.
$1.39 /100ml
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Oreo Frozen Dessert Bars 5x80 mL

Frozen Dessert Bars