Genoa Salami Snack Kit
4.99 CAD
10.0 CAD 2024-04-24T23:59:59-04:00 Treat yourself to a delicious snack with the Schneiders Dry Cured Genoa Salami Snack Kit. With 17g of protein per kit, this convenient salami and cheese snack pack makes it easy to enjoy your own personal charcuterie platter on the go, and it is a great choice to Keep in the fridge at home or at the office for a late-afternoon indulgence. The Genoa salami is dry cured up to 18 days for a tangy kick and it pairs perfectly with the savoury sliced gouda and crackers. Schneiders 063100285708
Schneiders Genoa Salami Snack Kit 75 g

Genoa Salami Snack Kit

75 g
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No Artificial Flavours

No Artificial Colours

Good Source of Calcium

Source of Iron

Schneiders Genoa Salami Snack Kit 75 g

Genoa Salami Snack Kit