1% Raspberry Yogurt
3.59 CAD
https://product-images.metro.ca/images/h4f/ha7/12931785457694.jpg Yoplait Tubes 1% Raspberry Yogurt are offered in a 8x56 g format. Yogurt has never been this fun! Your kids will love slurping these Tubes flat. And since every Tube is a source of Calcium and Vitamin D and has the goodness you expect of yogurt, you'll be happy that they do. Yoplait Tubes is the perfect lunchbox snack. Freeze them overnight, pack them in the morning, and they will be thawed by lunch. Yoplait 056920133458
Tubes 1% Raspberry Yogurt 8x56 g

1% Raspberry Yogurt, Tubes

8x56 g
$3.59  ea.
$0.80 /100g
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Source of Calcium

Tubes 1% Raspberry Yogurt 8x56 g

1% Raspberry Yogurt, Tubes