Onion Flavoured Dip
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https://product-images.metro.ca/images/h6c/h32/12578129444894.jpg Philadephia Onion Dip is the rich, creamy deliciousness of Philly, in a dip! Whether snacking or entertaining, Philadelphia dips can be perfectly paired with your favourite chips, crackers or veggies. Having a party? Just set Philadelphia dip out for your guests and watch it quickly disappear. Made with 40% less fat than the leading sour cream dip, Philly dips are the only dips made with Philly cream cheese. Philadelphia 068100014556
Philadelphia Onion Flavoured Dip 227 g

Onion Flavoured Dip

227 g
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Philadelphia Onion Flavoured Dip 227 g

Onion Flavoured Dip