Original Cream Cheese
4.59 CAD
https://product-images.metro.ca/images/h03/hf8/10399560990750.jpg Philadelphia Whipped Original Cream Cheese blends the cool, creamy goodness of Philly with a special whipping process to give you the fluffiest, lightest texture of any cream cheese. Philadelphia cream cheese is delectable spread on toast in the morning or on a cracker as part of your favourite snack – it is also a great addition to any meal, from appetizers to desserts. This delicious cream cheese is prepared in Canada and contains no artificial colours or flavours. Make sure you always keep some on hand because everything seems just a little bit better with the creamy taste of Philly. Philadelphia 068100896510
Whipped Original Cream Cheese 227 g

Original Cream Cheese, Whipped

227 g
$4.59  ea.
$2.02 /100g
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Whipped Original Cream Cheese 227 g

Original Cream Cheese, Whipped