3.25% Homogenized Milk
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https://product-images.metro.ca/images/ha8/h48/11354272727070.jpg Lactantia PurFiltre 3.25% Homogenized Milk has a creamier taste than ever. Enriched with vitamin D, PurFiltre milks contains no preservatives and are an excellent source of calcium. Did you know, until at least 2 years of age, children should be drinking 3.25% milk? All the Lactantia dairy products come from Canadian farms. Lactantia 068200466477
PurFiltre 3.25% Homogenized Milk 1.5 L

3.25% Homogenized Milk, PurFiltre

1.5 L
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Good Source of Calcium

PurFiltre 3.25% Homogenized Milk 1.5 L

3.25% Homogenized Milk, PurFiltre