Italian Herbs Flatbreads
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3.99 CAD 2024-02-28T23:59:59-05:00 Not quite tortillas and not quite pizza shells, delicious Demster's Tortizza are light, soft and versatile flatbreads perfect for family pizza night. Seasoned with a light blend of Italian herbs, Demster's Tortizza can be garnished with your favourite toppings for easy pizza-party prep. Vegan, low in saturated fat, trans-fat free and made with Canadian wheat flour, these tasty Demster's Tortizza contain 10 essential nutrients and no artificial colours or flavours. Dempster's 068721099147
Tortizza Italian Herbs Flatbreads 480 g

Italian Herbs Flatbreads, Tortizza

480 g
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Tortizza Italian Herbs Flatbreads 480 g

Italian Herbs Flatbreads, Tortizza