Harvest Multigrain Bread
3.79 CAD
https://product-images.metro.ca/images/hea/h03/12956239724574.jpg Inspired by traditional recipes, Villaggio Rustico Harvest Multigrain Bread is soft, yet sturdy. Fresh from the hearth oven, this delicious bread is made with a blend of old-world grains that add a delightful note to its taste.Toast it with your favourite spread, create satisfying sandwiches for lunch or dinner, or enjoy it buttered as a side with soups and chilis. This bread is a great addition to your table, whether you are hosting a gathering or simply enjoying a meal with your family at home. Villaggio 055617055127
Rustico Harvest Multigrain Bread 550 g

Harvest Multigrain Bread, Rustico

550 g
$3.79  ea.
$0.69 /100g
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Rustico Harvest Multigrain Bread 550 g

Harvest Multigrain Bread, Rustico