Black Tea
8.99 CAD Like the sun, the taste of Lipton Yellow Label Black Tea gives you a gentle lift, brightening your day. Full of the natural goodness of the finest hand plucked tea leaves, our premium black tea is appreciated around the world for its uniquely refreshing taste. Our Master Blenders have crafted a delicious blend of carefully selected real tea leaves, capturing as much premium tea taste as possible. Lipton Yellow Label Black tea is the perfect wake me up drink specially blended to serve hot or iced. Don't just default to the usual, enjoy the taste of brewed Lipton black teas. Take a sip and let our delicious and rich tasting tea brighten your day. Thomas Lipton was a man on a mission – to share his passion for tea around the world. He believed that everyone deserved high quality, great tasting tea. And over 120 years later, that belief is still what drives us – inspiring more flavours, more varieties and more love than ever before. All our teas are 100% sustainably sourced from Rainforest Alliance certified farms, which translates into decent wages for our tea farmers. Your tea is their brighter future. Each serving of 175 ml of Lipton Yellow Label Tea contains 150 mg naturally occurring tea flavonoids. Lipton 068400112709
Yellow Label Black Tea 100 un

Black Tea, Yellow Label

100 un
$8.99  ea.
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Yellow Label Black Tea 100 un

Black Tea, Yellow Label