Soft Drink
5.49 CAD
8.88 CAD 2024-02-28T23:59:59-05:00 Enjoy the clear lemon-lime refreshment of Sprite with its crisp, clean, great taste. It quenches your thirst, and also pairs well with a variety of food, particularly with spicy food. It is made with 100% natural flavours, and has no colour and no caffeine. Bring home the authentic, clear & refreshing lemon-lime flavour of Sprite. Made with 100 % natural flavours, no caffeine and no preservatives so you get a full flavour in each sip. For crisp, cold taste, enjoy chilled. Convenient pack of 6 so you have plenty to enjoy. Perfect size to be enjoyed with meals, snacks or on the go. Sprite 067000104015
Sprite Soft Drink 6x710 mL

Soft Drink

6x710 mL
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Sprite Soft Drink 6x710 mL

Soft Drink