Size 1 Diapers
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39.99 CAD 2024-04-24T23:59:59-04:00 With up to 12 hours of leak protection for your baby’s delicate skin, Huggies Little Snugglers Size 1 Diapers are perfect for your newborn's sensitive skin. Little Snugglers offer gentle skin protection and showcase a curved and stretchy fit with all-around comfort for a gentle tummy fit. These baby diapers feature Huggies' GentleAbsorb Liner that absorbs wetness on contact to help keep your baby’s skin clean and healthy. Plus, with a soft, pocketed back waistband, these disposable baby diapers help prevent leaks and blowouts while helping keep mess away from your baby's skin. Extra soft materials provide belly comfort and protection from red marks during Tummy Time. Little Snugglers baby diapers are made with a breathable outer cover and are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and safe for sensitive skin. Huggies diapers are entirely fragrance free, made without parabens, lotions, elemental chlorine and natural rubber latex. Little Snugglers also feature a color-changing wetness indicator that lets you know when your baby’s diaper is ready to be changed Huggies 036000497977
Little Snugglers Size 1 Diapers 168 un

Size 1 Diapers, Little Snugglers

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Little Snugglers Size 1 Diapers 168 un

Size 1 Diapers, Little Snugglers