Arrowroot Baby Biscuits
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3.19 CAD 2024-06-26T23:59:59-04:00 The classic, delicious taste of arrowroot biscuits, designed specifically for your baby! Gerber Arrowroot Biscuits, Baby Snacks (155g) dissolves quickly and are easily mashed with or without teeth, making it easy to chew and swallow. These Kosher baby snacks are perfectly shaped and sized for tiny hands - helping babies learn how to self-feed. Plus, they are approved by tiny taste buds! Gerber's recipes are lovingly made with carefully selected, 100% wholesome ingredients before being quality tested to ensure they’re good enough to be called Gerber. Appropriate for babies 10 months and up. *All cereal-based foods for babies under 12 months should not contain added salt. Gerber 055000403146
10+ Months Arrowroot Baby Biscuits 155 g

Arrowroot Baby Biscuits, 10+ Months

155 g
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10+ Months Arrowroot Baby Biscuits 155 g

Arrowroot Baby Biscuits, 10+ Months